Pure Cooper Tongue Cleaner

Say good-bye to bad breath!

Our tongue cleaner is made from ‘100% Pure Copper’ imported from India.

Copper is an Ayurvedic practice, which is an ancient Indian remedy that has proven to be more effective than a toothbrush at removing food debris & bacteria.

You won’t believe what you see come off your tongue when using a copper tongue cleaner each morning. The copper tongue cleaner will remove bacteria & other residue that build up on the surface of the tongue overnight & during illness. This helps to eliminate more toxins which is a major contributing factor in bad breath.

Beauty Coco’s copper tongue cleaner improves your overall oral health. It even improves your ability to taste! Because our tongue cleaner removes all the gunk from your tongue it actually increases the ability of your taste buds to taste.  Now you can enjoy the full flavors of food without having to add extra salt and sweeteners.

Copper, the ancient bacteria-resistant metal not only seems to be toxic to bad bacteria, but it supplies important enzymes that our healthy mouth microbes need.

You’ll be incredibly glad you started this healthy habit!


  • Beauty Coco’s Tongue Cleaner is made with antimicrobial copper from India. It was this metal that was recommenced by the ancient Sanskrit text, Charaka Samhita, as the best way to remove toxins & bacteria from the tongue. Say good-bye to bad breath!

  • Enhances your ability to taste. By safely removing the build-up from the surface of your tongue, your taste buds are open to receive the full flavor of foods. You’ll eat less & feel more satiated.

  • It prevents toxins from being reabsorbed! The Copper Tongue Cleaner naturally boosts your immune function & a bonus boost to your digestive system too. Tongue cleaning activates saliva production, which helps with your digestive system all day.

How to Use:

Step 1:  Make sure to use first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Step 2:  Hold the ends of your copper tongue cleaner & scrape the tongue gently from back to front. Down the middle & then each side a few times (approx 10 in total)

Step 3: You can rinse the tongue cleaner during your practice to remove buildup.

Step 4: Rinse clean after use & let dry.

CLEANING TIP:  You can also use a little lemon juice & water to remove any tarnishing that occurs naturally to your pure copper tongue cleaner.


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