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Top 5 Picks


The Love Triangle

‘Day & Night’ routine to a whiter, brighter smile!


‘Bonnie & Clyde’

This natural duo is designed to ROB you of your stains!


The Ultimate A-Team Kit

Oral health from A to Z


Cooper Tongue Cleaner

100% pure copper imported from India; designed to cleanse your palate


‘Makeup Eraser’ Towel

NEW! Erase your makeup with one easy step!

Why Choose Beauty Coco?

Beauty Coco brings you an all vegan product line to your beauty selection. Our selection of products ensure all vegan & organic ingredients.

Beauty Coco is a cruelty-free company.  We do not condone any testing on animals. PERIOD. You can enjoy our products knowing they come a cruelty-free facility #WeLoveOurFurBabies

Beauty Coco is committed to using all Eco-Friendly ingredients in our products. We aim to bring high-quality, recyclable, biodegradable and fair trade products to those looking for an Eco-Conscious beauty line.

Top Up With Our Staples


Activated Charcoal Polish

Our #1 Seller! See results in 7 days!


Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

An extra boost of CHARCOAL! Introducing our Fluoride-Free Toothpaste.


Beauty Coco Travel Bag

NEW! Take your essentials on-the-go

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